Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally pictures of the Mudroom and Command Center

Finally I found time to post pics of the mudroom and Command Center. I still need to add a few more things but I'm happy with it.

The colors I choose for my house is sage and plum accents. I love dark wood so most of the furniture is dark wood. My main color is cream and stainless steel. Let see how it come out.


Progress.. What you think?
 need to add a cushion and a few pilliows

 Need a rug in fron the door

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mud room and command Center

I was going to post a full post on both of these but I wanted to wait until I had it fully done .. I promises to have it done by tomorrow stay tune...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

did I tell you I was messy???

Well as promise Pictures!!!

This is as real as it get .. I didnt clean up or anything .. I'm in the process of trying to organize everything, so everything is a mess .. Why the heck did I think I was going to be able to organize everything as soon as I moved in .. Now that was crazy thinking :-/

Here's the pics.. Please dont judge..lol

Foyer... we brought that chest to help with the shoes solution .. I'm going to add some decorative piece on top of it

 Dining .. still need curtains and some decorative pieces
 Living room .. our couch arrives tomorrow.. Cant wait !!... I need tips on keeping the floors clean please!!! .. what products do you use?????
 Mud Room .. need to change out the pics on the hooks.. but I like how it looks
My cammand center in the mud room.. I'm going to add a few more things to it to make it look prettier .. I will do a whole post on it tomorrow.

 Kitchen... still need some decorative pieces
 Pantry... boy does this need to to be organized
 Breakfast Nook.. It where the kids to there H.W. too
 Office .. We will getting a real desk tomorrow.. YAY!!
 Oldest son room.. He takes after me .. MESSY!!!!
 Youngest son ... He not messy or neat  he somwhere in between
 Daughter Room .. She's the neat one
 This is my room .. I know I know what a mess.. I was doing laundry all day and all the clothes you see is clean I'm about to fold everythng I swear..lol
 Master Bath ... I just finish emptying the bathroom box so its a mess
 Closet yup another mess
 Laundry Room

Can you believe that's only half the rooms?.. I have so much work to do ugh .. but it will be fun decorating and organizing it. It's just going to take lots of time and money.

Tomorrow I will highlight my Mud room since it one of the things that almost done!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey yall .. Finally Back!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I know I've been gone for a while but my life been so hectic. Between moving, getting our old home ready for renters, Ramadan starting, school starting, my mother in law coming in town, football  and cheerleading starting i've been losing my mind. I havent had time for nothing at all. Now that I'm getting into a routine and the old house is ready for the renters, I found time to blog regularly. From this day on I would be able to blog at least 4 times a week YAY!!!

I dont have pics for you today... I know BOOOO!!! ..lol .. but I would have some tomorrow I promise.

I do have a little cleaning chart I came up with though .. What you think? click on chart and zoom in to see what on it.