Monday, April 16, 2012

Project #2 ... Zee Room

This weekend I started packing and cleaning my daughter room. My goal was to pack up as much clothes, & toys as possible. I was able to throw two bags stuff out. I also had a big bag of donations and a few thing to sell. Everything else I packed up. I was going to pack all her clothes in boxes but thought it would be easier and cheaper to put all her clothes in garbage bags and pack her toys and books in boxes .. It worked out perfect .. All she has left in her room now is
- Her uniform for school
- 2 dressy outfits ( cause we dont go to dressy places much)
- 5 regular outing outfits
- 5 PJ
- 5  play outside outfits
- underclothes, sock, and sport uniforms
- she also have her fave books and and a few toys and that it
On Moving day I can pack everything that's left in her room in her suit case... Perfect!!!!

Here's a few pic.. We are in the process of painting it a neutral color since we will be renting when we move. I'll post a few pic when it all painted and clean up too.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I made labels .. what you think?

So once I start something, I always go all out .. I havent moved yet but I already started to buy storage cantainer and such .. well I only buy them if I find a good deal .. Like I was at marshalls the other day and I found a 3 jars set for 7.99, now that's a steal cause I tend to see these jars for 7.99 for just one so I had to get it. Then once I got them I was like I would love to make cute little labels for them and this is what I came up with. What you think???

I like that it just black and I can print it on any color for a pop of color.

I was going to print one out and put it on one of the jars , but my printer decided to act up today so ill do it tomorrow

This is where the idea came from
and here

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project #1.... Garage Done

So it took us only 2 day to do the garage . The hard part was trying to figure out what can be packed and what cant... Since my kids are big with sport, sport equipment change often .. so I had to figure out a way to make sure all their stuff is on hand as the season changes ... I guess this is going to be the hardest part of packing as I go through the rooms cause we still have to live in the house for the next 3 month so there going to be things we cant pack.

Here's the finish product ... it still a little messy but most of it was thrown away and pack there just a few things that just sitting on the self cause we are still using it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

And The Journey Begins

Hello Blog World

Today I will begin my journey from being messy to organized. After reading lots of blogs and watching a few HGTV shows. I realized how much I need to become a more organized person, and what perfect time then now.

Since I will be moving very soon, I felt this would be the perfect time to start  new. As of today I will start packing and organizing all the stuff we will take with us to the new house .. (BTW the new house that we havent found yet We have to be out our house by August 1st so we are on a mission to find the perfect home.

So my first organizing/packing project will be the garage... Yea I know to big of a job for my first project.  Every place I've read says dont start out to big but I really have no choice because it the place we will  store all our boxes until we move.

Here's a pic of my messy garage .. honestly at least half of it is garbage ...I going to say this project will take me the whole weekend to do.

I will start by sorting everything
Keep, Sell, Donate, & Garbage

Then I will take pics of everything I'm going to sell
Get rid of all the garbage
Bag up all the donations
And boxes up everything will will take to the new home

Let see how this goes ... Let hope easy ... Do you have any tips if please drop me a comment