Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moved in ...so much work to do ugh!!!

Hey everyone I know I've been gone for a well but I've been super busy with this move. Starting next week I should be posting regularly. I'm super excited to start decorating and organizing but we first need to find places for everything. My first project will be the kitchen. I should start with that on Saturday can't wait to post before and after pictures. How's everyone week going so far.

Stay tune!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

House is almost done ... 2 more week

Cant believe we only have 2 weeks until moving day. I have the uhaul rented and all our family and friends ready. We been packed for a while so all we have to do is bring the furniture from upstairs down stairs.

We went to the house a couple days ago and  everything is almost done .. All they have to do is repaint the whole house put the appliance in, paint the banisters, and add all knobs and locks. Our inspection is next week Tuesday and our walk through is the following Monday. I cant wait!!!! .. Here's a pic of the finish house.

Oh the cabinets are the only thing I wished I did different .. I really wish I went darker

Monday, July 9, 2012

17 days until we close on our house excited!!!

I know my blog is not very exciting yet but as soon as we move in it will be a different story. Our plan is to have the whole main floor done by the end of August and I'm so excited that I will be able to blog about the whole process.

Me and hubby made a list of all the things we will have to buy as soon as we move in and cant believe how many things we came up with and I'm sure we are forgetting lots of other things...

Here's our list:
A Fridge
Breakfast Nook Table
Mud Room Stuff
Mats for the doors
Carpet Spoter
Cleaning Supplies

These are the things we think are the most important for the first day... What was your first purchases when you moved into a new house?

Here's a few pics of the house almost done yay!!!