Friday, September 7, 2012

As promise .. Pictures of the whole house

I went around the house and took one picture of each room .. You can see that I made alot of progress but there still a lot more to do. As the rooms get done or at least 75% done I will highlight each on of them.

Here's the pics.. I would love decoration recommendations and comments.

Main Floor




and there you have it!!!! .... What you think? As you can see alot has been done but there still alot more to do.


  1. Asak,

    mA nice place. I would suggest adding color, don’t be afraid of it :) it doesn’t have to be bright but a little color goes a long way. I would also suggest finding nice Islamic wall art so you have reminders of Allah throughout your house. Check out for decorating ideas.

    You have a nice blank canvas to build on. For your dining room, look at for a nice wall decal, maybe one that says Alhamdulilah and getting a matching rug so it gives the room some color. Instead of the current table fixtures you have check Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx for matching accents to match the decal.

    For your kids you maybe you can get a large wall decal from with their name in Arabic and get matching colored covers so it gives the room some life.

    For your family room check out for a focal point wall art decal, I like wall decals because you don’t have to ruin the walls with nails or tacks. I would also move the ottoman out to serve as a table and add a serving tray in the center so people can set their cups or other items if they need to. Based on what ever wall art focal point you choose for the family room then add large to over size colored accent pillows. Maybe a color coordinated matching rug

    For the hallway you showed, check out for a nice family saying so everyone can be reminded of it.

    Personally, I don’t think computers should be in the bedroom, that should be the one space you and your husband go to, to get away. Can you make the office downstairs a his and hers work station and move the computer there? I would also suggest looking at colors like teal, turquoise, dark grays and silver or lavender for the bedroom. Maybe paint one your “it color”. Also, look at ways of repositioning the bed so you can create a “grown up” space. Google “chairs for bedroom” and look at the armless chairs with the small table. You can set a candle on the table and that can be y’alls relaxation spot. Also, Google “vogue bedrooms” and look at the images for decorating ideas. One last thought… could you take off the foot board from your bed so it opens the space up more?

    iA hope this helps! At one point in time I wanted to be an interior decorator so looking forward to your updates.

  2. I love all your ideas... I'm going to evenually add colors, but I have to wait a year because it's new construction. As for the decals, thats a must for the dining.. I'm thinking "Bismillah" I also agree with repositioning some things in my bedroom. Its only been a month since we moved to this house and I know there lots to do and it time it all will be done inshallah.

    thanks again .. and keep it coming I love it!!

  3. I was on the computer and was doing everything but what I logged on to do. Came across some nice blogs and thought I’d share…. Really, why do they make you wait a year before you can paint? - The broom as the long distance duster made me think of your windows

  4. Thanks for the links, I follow a few of those... The reason for no painting for the first year is because the builders has to come back in to repair nail pops and other things that happen during the year the house takes to settle.

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