Monday, April 16, 2012

Project #2 ... Zee Room

This weekend I started packing and cleaning my daughter room. My goal was to pack up as much clothes, & toys as possible. I was able to throw two bags stuff out. I also had a big bag of donations and a few thing to sell. Everything else I packed up. I was going to pack all her clothes in boxes but thought it would be easier and cheaper to put all her clothes in garbage bags and pack her toys and books in boxes .. It worked out perfect .. All she has left in her room now is
- Her uniform for school
- 2 dressy outfits ( cause we dont go to dressy places much)
- 5 regular outing outfits
- 5 PJ
- 5  play outside outfits
- underclothes, sock, and sport uniforms
- she also have her fave books and and a few toys and that it
On Moving day I can pack everything that's left in her room in her suit case... Perfect!!!!

Here's a few pic.. We are in the process of painting it a neutral color since we will be renting when we move. I'll post a few pic when it all painted and clean up too.

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