Monday, July 9, 2012

17 days until we close on our house excited!!!

I know my blog is not very exciting yet but as soon as we move in it will be a different story. Our plan is to have the whole main floor done by the end of August and I'm so excited that I will be able to blog about the whole process.

Me and hubby made a list of all the things we will have to buy as soon as we move in and cant believe how many things we came up with and I'm sure we are forgetting lots of other things...

Here's our list:
A Fridge
Breakfast Nook Table
Mud Room Stuff
Mats for the doors
Carpet Spoter
Cleaning Supplies

These are the things we think are the most important for the first day... What was your first purchases when you moved into a new house?

Here's a few pics of the house almost done yay!!!


  1. How exciting for you! We've never built a home so I can't answer your question. We live in our 100+ year old home and are constantly working on something. Found you at Eye Heart Linky Party

  2. Thanks for the reply .. Yes! it's super excited I cant wait to move in I have so many ideas to get it organized and decorated ..

    Wow 100+ year old house, it most have lots of character, it must be fun making it your own.

  3. Found you on the #BLMGirl FB page. We are just starting the process of building our home. The lot isn't all the way cleared out yet.

    Like you I am vowing not to take the majority of the clutter and mess in our current home with us. Can't wait to follow your journy. I'm sure it will be motivation for me when its our time to move!

    We looked at a house very similar as I am in Atlanta as well. It was by Pulte homes. I forget why we didn't go with it but looking at yours I am kind of wishing we had! Congrats. Can't wait to read more.

  4. your back deck is hugemoungus!
    I would say do not forget paper plates and utensils. those are always something we seem to need for lunch etc while unpacking since the dishes are always in an unknown box!!

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